The LifeCo - Phuket

The LifeCo Well Being and Detox Center, a pioneer in well-aging and chronic disease management, is pleased to announce the launch of its first international retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

Since The LifeCo opened their first results-driven wellness center in Turkey eleven years ago, it has amassed a cult following of repeat customers including many celebrities such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Brooke and John Galliano who return several times a year for in-depth detox cleansing.

Program Offerings

At Phuket, offerings fall into four main categories: Juice Fasting and Healthy Nutrition Programs target a range of wellness concerns; Holistic Natural Healing includes Pain Reduction and Anti-aging programs; Oncology specialist Dr. Thomas Lodi oversees Supportive and Preventative Cancer Programs; and Well-aging puts emphasis on hormonal testing and treatment. The result is a total body-mind overhaul leaving guests revived and full of energy.

Discover the Ultimate Detox

The LifeCo is recognized for its comprehensive detoxifications: Green Juice and Green Salad detoxes stabilize alkalinity and improve hydration; Anti-Aging detox blends intermittent fasting with the intake of living foods; and patients fighting chronic disease, including cancer and diabetes, are frequently advised to undergo the no-sugar Ketogenic cleanse. The Master Detox takes from these programs in an intensive 4 to 21 day fruit and vegetable cleanse that rests the liver and pancreas.

Sonic Vibration Therapy, available daily, transmits vibrations from 3Hz to 50Hz via an upright platform, stimulating cells, muscles and organs to increase blood flow and accelerate the body's natural healing response. Biophoton Light Energy Therapy increases serotonin and stimulates endorphins, lifting stress and depression and inducing weight loss, among other benefits.

Holistic Natural Healing

Treatments in the Pain Reduction and Healing Program improve the body’s abilities to self-heal, and include a number of exclusives, available only at The LifeCo in Phuket.

High levels of heavy metals, particularly common in Asian guests, caused in part by frequent seafood consumption, is combated at The LifeCo Phuket with Chelation Therapy, where a chelating agent is administered to speed the exit of metals through the system. Metals are known to inhibit the immune system, slowing body functions and resulting in sluggishness and low energy.

Magnetic Bemer Therapy pulses magnetic waves through the body, elevating blood oxygen levels for accelerated healing. Deep Tissue Therapy aligns bones, ligaments and muscles. First devised by Nasa engineers, Photon Therapy re-energizes weak cells using gamma and X-rays, while Sonic Table Therapy relaxes and harmonizes the body’s systems.

Supportive and Preventive Cancer Programs

Apart from detox programs, The LifeCo in Phuket is one of the few centers worldwide that offers Supportive and Preventive Cancer Programs. Devised by medical experts, 30 multidisciplinary integrative therapies offer a unique holistic healing structure which includes physiological and mental wellness support for cancer patients and survivors.

Cancer treatments center on physiological and mental wellness. Concentrated integrative therapies strengthen cells, with detoxification, high-dose Vitamin C infusions, Artesunate therapy and B17 therapy among Cancer-weakening treatments offered. Bespoke treatments can be created to target other chronic diseases, and The LifeCo runs additional programs for diabetes management.


To combat hormonal imbalance caused by aging, toxicity, and every day stress, The LifeCo offers bio-identical hormone therapy which can help a number of concerns such as alleviating symptoms of menopause on women and andropause (such as insomnia, low libido, hair loss, regional lipoidosis etc.) on men.

Underpinning The LifeCo’s total wellness approach, spa treatments and complimentary therapies are integrated into every program. Yoga, meditation and massage, steam rooms, infrared sauna and scrubs, and diagnostic tests, movie screenings and wellness talks are all offered, with a host of beauty, slimming, emotional and exercise therapies.

Promoting 360-Degree Health

Serenity and solace is promised at The LifeCo’s new center, set in Phuket’s invigorating tropical forest, a rustic backdrop for guests undergoing natural healing. Promoting a 360-degree approach targeting psychological and physical wellness, visits begin with a consultation where guests can discuss any concerns with medical practitioners before blood samples are taken and bio-analysis is performed. Depending on their needs, guests will either have a bespoke program created for them or they may join one of the existing well-aging or detox programs.

The LifeCo’s legendary juice fasts puts emphasis on maintaining low stress levels for optimum results. Every detox is tracked throughout the duration of a guest’s stay, with shakes and supplements timed to arrive to them every 90 minutes. For guests opting out of juice cleansing, The LifeCo’s renowned SAF Restaurant – standing for Simple Authentic Food – offers high quality, raw and inventive plant-based cuisine.

Detoxing guests undertake gentle daily exercise while the body repairs, and are invited to try specialized treatments between timetabled juice, supplement and seed deliveries. Pioneering treatments often work at cellular and muscular level, by use of rays, magnetic fields, sound, light and intravenous injections.


Located in Phuket’s Thalang, five minutes drive from the airport, and amid a lush green mountainscape, The LifeCo Phuket offers a quiet and contemplative retreat surrounded by nature. Facilities comprise a therapy building with 11 rooms including IR sonic sauna room, steam room and spa treatment rooms, and a clinic building with 11 rooms where specialized alternative and medical services are performed under medical supervision. Yoga and massage takes place in tranquil outdoors pavilions surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, and also at The LifeCo' s beach bar, a restful destination to sip green juices, which sits opposite beautiful Nai Thon beach.   


In terms of accommodation, The LifeCo offers a host of charming options. Families or groups of friends will enjoy the rustic sanctuary of the three or four bedroom villas with private garden, pool, kitchen and living rooms. Friends can also consider choosing one of the 12 suites with balconies and living rooms along with one of the 14 tranquil bungalow rooms as the two room categories offer a shared private pool. For guests preferring to be closer to the action, The LifeCo also offers 14 deluxe rooms with balconies in the main building. The retreat is completed with SAF’s delicious unprocessed whole cuisine. A 4-day minimum stay is recommended, with longer stays advised if possible. The LifeCo treatments and programs are also available for guests who are staying elsewhere in Phuket but it is recommended they spend the day at The LifeCo so that they can fully participate in the programs. 

The LifeCo Phuket Well-Being Center, Thailand

Address: 75 Moo 3 Tambon Sa Koo Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

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