Rice House Vegetarian

Block 129 Geylang East Ave 2 #01-102

Singapore 380129

Tel: 6747 3739

Includes Herbal Soups / Rice / Noodles / Porridges and even Finger Sides

Includes Herbal Soups / Rice / Noodles / Porridges and even Finger Sides

One of our favourite vegetarian dining places in Singapore (without Air-Con). The have the most variety of vegetarian meals good for Lunch or Dinner (not an ala-carte order off pairing of dishes to enjoy as a family). I've always believed that the fundamental heart of a Chef requires Love and Passion to prepare the most delicious meal fit for the soul.

素肉粥 Vegetarian Minced Pork Porridge  $3.50

素肉粥 Vegetarian Minced Pork Porridge $3.50

This Vegetarian Cafe has that kind of chef because can you believe it, my favourite meal is their porridge! The best kind of porridge brings comfort to my heart, especially when I am not feeling well. The best kind of porridge has to be made from the heart, and for the person enjoying the meal. I love their porridges here.

脆皮鴨 Crispy Duck  $4.50

脆皮鴨 Crispy Duck $4.50

I enjoy eating so I always order at lease one side to accompany my main. I'm a Big Fan of Crispy Duck since young, started by adding extra EXTRA toppings off any Vegetarian Bee Hoon laced with vegetarian curry! Say NO to Soggy crisps, these got to be fried at the right temperature to bring about the right crunch.

卡拉皇帝面 Cutlet Royal Noodle Delight  $4.50

卡拉皇帝面 Cutlet Royal Noodle Delight $4.50

Hub's noodles. He especially loves the vegetarian noodles from this Cafe. I've not seen him ordered any rice meals to date, yet. The flat noodles, are really tasty and springy, with the right seasoning and generous serving, it is what he would label value for money + delicious = 好 Good!

參芭碳烤魚 Barbeque Fish  $5.80

參芭碳烤魚 Barbeque Fish $5.80

This is my hub's fav. I prefer this to be Sambal + another soy product, the sogginess right at the centre is not to my liking. I thought that the soy product has to be fried thorough, so perhaps not the ideal soy product to be Sambal-ed in my humble opinion. The man likes it though... 

炸薯條 French Fries  $4.00

炸薯條 French Fries $4.00

I love potatoes =)