Revolutionary Natural Power Sericite Paint from Korea

Breathe easy and relax in an environment that is beautiful, environmentally friendly and natural with multiple award-winning and premium paint brand Natural Power Sericite Paint.

Korea’s Dong Yang Mining Company is extremely proud and excited to launch in Singapore the revolutionary Natural Power Sericite Paint, which sets a new standard in the interior paint industry and redefines interior painting. Unlike traditional interior paints, which are mostly complex concoctions of chemicals and solvents, the ground-breaking Sericite Paint is made mainly from the natural-occurring ore Sericite, a mineral made during the Mesozoic and Jurassic Periods, and water.

The high quality Natural Power Sericite Paint sets a new bar for interior paint, as it is both environmentally-friendly and people-friendly with an incredible number of health-giving properties. In addition to that, it is also the world’s first Sericite flame-retardant paint, which means that an interior painted with Natural Power Sericite Paint is not only beautiful and beneficial to health, but is also a safe haven for young and old to relax and enjoy.

Researches have shown that the wonderful alkali mineral of Sericite, mined from the Gangwon Province in Korea, contains powerful anti-microbial, anti-fungal and detoxification properties, and emits negative ions and far infrared. In fact, the mineral has been used for medical and cosmetic purposes for centuries since the time of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Now, with Dong Yang Mining Company’s proprietary technologies, the company is able to produce Sericite Paint that harnesses these positive healthful properties to effortlessly enhance the indoor environment all day every day. This is an impressive breakthrough as people from all over the world have been reported to be suffering from Sick Building Syndrome for decades.

With Natural Power Sericite Paint, one does not have to worry about the prevalence of harmful substances indoor, as the Sericite Paint has a myriad of health-enhancing properties, including:

  • Air-purifying effects - Surface negative ions on the sericite helps freshen and purify the air by causing allergens such as pollen, mould spores, dust, and animal dander floating in the air (which have either a neutral or a positive charge) to be attracted to and stick to each other, forming 'clumps' (because opposite charges attract). These clumps of particles then become heavy enough so that gravity can pull them down to the floor, where they can be vacuumed up, rather than staying in suspension where they can be breathed in and cause allergic reactions.

  • Anti-oxidant effects - Sericite contains a reasonable amount of carbon atoms, which might belong to organic compounds such as polyphenolic compounds, well-known for its anti-oxidants. The phenolic compounds may act as anti-oxidants because they are scavenging reactive free radicals and could terminate oxidative chain reaction. Therefore, Sericite may react with reactive free radicals present in the air atmosphere to protect the human body.

  • Generation of ANIONS helps to:

  1. Improve indoor air quality;

  2. Increase oxygen flow to the brain, and thus enhancing alertness and cognitive functions, and at the same time reducing drowsiness;

  3. Protect environment against bacteria, reducing respiratory problems.

  4. Moisture-adjusting properties refreshes the indoor environment;

  • Deodorising properties, through physical and chemical absorption mechanisms, provides a fresh environment;

  • Elimination of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) / Absorption of heavy metals and toxins – with zero VOC, the indoor environment is completely free from the Sick Building Syndrome;

  • World’s first Sericite flame retardant property for a safer home;

The Natural Power Sericite Paint comes in 26 vibrant shades of warm, cool and neutral hues, and 10 beautiful colours for its powdered paint series, for consumers to create their dream interiors. The Sericite Paint is smooth and easy to apply onto walls, and has an elegant finish that reacts beautifully to both natural and artificial lightings.

Recognising the company’s technological achievements in creating an eco-friendly and health-enhancing paint, the Korean Ministry of Environment has awarded Dong Yang Mining Company with many accolades over the years, including Certificate of Green Technology and Certificate of Green Technology Product. Besides Singapore, Natural Power Sericite Paint is also well-received in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.


Modern living involves long hours spent indoors, at the office and at home. Hence, consumers should demand so much more than just aesthetics from indoor paints. With Natural Power Sericite Paint’s amazing suite of health-enhancing benefits, the indoor environment can now be visually beautiful, mentally calming, and physically safe and comfortable all at the same time!  Make the smart choice and switch to Natural Power Sericite Paint today and enjoy an indoor environment that is supercharged with health benefits and completely free from harmful substances.