PUTIEN Duo Tou Clams Festival

6cm of Succulent Meaty Goodness Encased in Golden Shells
Freshly Air- flown from Duo Tou Village

Putian, a beautiful coastal town in the Fujian province of China, is not only blessed with spectacular views of the ocean and majestic mountains, but also with lush pastures, as well as a wondrous variety of abundant seafood. From Nanri Island’s abalone and Duo Tou Village’s clams, to Putian’s Yellow Croaker fish and Xiaomai Island’s first-harvest seaweed, from the traditionally handcrafted Mazu Mee Sua and Heng Hwa Bee Hoon, to the paper-thin “Bian Rou” and the Four Famous Fruits of Putian, there is a seemingly endless array of well- known ingredients originating from Putian. Since its founding fifteen years ago, PUTIEN has prided itself on using these premium ingredients to deliver the most authentic tastes to our guests.

2016 is the Year of Ingredients for PUTIEN, and we will be showcasing different ingredients, presented through a variety of cooking methods to bring out the original taste of each: Nanri Abalone, PUTIEN Dou Tou Clams, Yellow Croaker Fish and First-harvest Seaweed.

  1. April – August: PUTIEN Dou Tou Clams Festival
  2. July – September: Yellow Croaker Fish Festival
  3. October – December: Seaweed Festival

The Story behind Dou Tou Clams

O r i g i n s : Duo Tou Village in the Hanjiang district of Putian is renowned to be the best breeding location in China for clams, a unique specialty of the locals that has over 600 years of history. The clams that are harvested here are second to none mainly because of the quality of the coastal soils in which they are bred in - a rare black mud that is rich in nutrients, very pure and with little sand particles.

G r o w t h : Clam aquaculture consists of three main stages: rinsing, scattering and harvesting. The best period for rinsing the clam “seedlings” is between the 12th month and the middle of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar. After a growth period of about 2-3 months, 200 kilograms of “seedlings” are then scattered evenly on the mud grounds before the tide subsides at dawn. This ensures that the tiny “seedlings” can burrow into the mud along with the falling tide and continue to grow. During the harvesting season, experienced clam farmers wade out in knee-deep mud to harvest the clams. They determine the clams’ hiding places through the presence of air holes in the soil and capture the clams with their bare hands.

A p p e a r a n c e : Duo Tou clams have beautiful golden shells. The rare nutrient- rich black mud provides a perfect breeding ground for the clams to grow well. Hence these clams are especially plump and meaty, growing up to 6cm in length.

T a s t e : Succulent and fleshy, Duo Tou clams retain their natural sweetness and texture even after cooking, unlike other clams.

Duo Tou Clams Festival Dishes

Loaded with nutrients and rich in vitamins, PUTIEN clams can be prepared in various culinary methods to enhance their fresh delectable taste and tender texture. PUTIEN spares no effort in flying in these finest clams to Singapore so that our customers can savour the goodness for themselves.

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