Get Behind Singapore’s Animal Welfare Groups, Explore Pet Expo’s First Aqua Zone, and Meet & Greet Your Favourite Pet Instagrammers

In its fourth edition, Pet Expo is back for its biggest edition yet with a renewed focus on outreach, education and fun

Pet Expo is back for the fourth year running, and promises to be the biggest and most exciting edition yet. Spanning 5,500 square metres across Singapore Expo Hall 7 from 14 – 16 April 2017, Pet Expo 2017 places a renewed focus on outreach, education and fun! Visitors can look forward to adoption drives hosted by AVA and independent animal welfare groups, show support by donating necessities to them through Pet Expo’s first donation drive, explore the fair’s first Interactive Aqua Zone, and participate in entertaining competitions planned to bring the pet community together on a fun-filled learning journey towards pet ownership! 

This year, visitors get to enjoy great deals from over 80 participating brands at the showgrounds, sneak in some snuggles at the cat cuddling corner set up by Cat Welfare Society or say hi to the bunnies from the House Rabbit Society. Pet owners need not be missing out on the actions. They can pre-book appointments with AVA for a free pet health check-up (FPHC) on Pet Expo website and AVA Facebook, or walk-in at Pet Expo to ensure that their pets are healthy. Those are looking to jazz up their furkids can also sign up for a bandana making workshop and learn how to create the perfect accessory to match their pet’s big personality. 

Adoption & Donation Drive for Pet Welfare Organisations

AVA’s speed-dating style adoption drives are a visitors’ favourite at Pet Expo. With a preference for real-life interactions over paw-swiping activities, furkids from 10 animal welfare organisations will participate in speed-dating with the hopes of finding their forever homes. Four independent animal welfare groups including Joyous bArk, LostPaws Singapore, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter and Purely Adoptions will be running their respective adoption drives at the fairground. 

The day-to-day running of animal welfare groups often comes at great expenses. For the first time in Pet Expo’s history, animal lovers can rally behind the organisations by donating food, accessories and other necessities at the Pet Expo Cares booth to any of the groups under Pet Expo that they would like to support. 

Introducing the First Interactive Aqua Zone

For the very first time, Pet Expo 2017 will be hosting a Tetra-Fish Competition and an Interactive Aqua Zone at its show grounds. Sponsored by Tetra-fish, be mesmerized by over 600 world class Bettas, Flowerhorns and Guppies, and get to up-close and personal with your favourite marine animals. Professionals will be on site to take visitors through the Interactive Aqua Zone, share tips on how to take care of small marine animals and create the optimal habitat for healthy living. 

Contests and Competitions

Pet Expo is on the lookout for the “Most Beautifully Decorated Aquarium”, “Grumpiest Bunny” and the “Best Songbird” in Singapore. Pet owners can submit their beloved pets for entry via the hashtag #PETEXPOSG2017. Owners of Singapore’s Specials, Corgis and Jack Russell Terriers who finds themselves with a speedster in hand can also enter the breed race, and stand to win prizes worth over $100! 

The 13th SKC Grooming Examinations / Competition, 1st APAC Grooming Competition, 2nd Easter Eggstravaganza CFA Cat Show 2017, 207th SKC Championship Dog Show and the 22nd FCI International CACIB Dog Show will also be held at Pet Expo across the three days. 

Launch of one-stop service app POCCA

Official mobile app partner and new one-stop service app POCCA (Pets Online Community Club Application) will celebrate its official during Pet Expo 2017. It is the ultimate tool for pet lovers to staying updated on any pet related news, events, services, and products. With one single application, pet lovers can join events near them, create social groups, buy the latest products at discounted prices, book appointments for their pets and also keep track of their pets’ health and habits through their growing years. 

Pet Expo 2017 Event Details

Date: 14 - 16 Apr 2017 Time: 11am - 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 7
Admission Tickets: 

  • $5 per day

  • $12 for 3-day pass

  • Free entry for children below 12

  • Pets are welcome!

Tickets can be purchased on Enjoy a dollar off ticket purchase via the POCCA app ( 

Meet and Greet with Singapore’s Top Pet Instagrammers

Always wanted to meet Singapore’s top pet Instagrammers in person? Pet Expo is hosting its first ever meet-and-greet session with six of Singapore’s superstar pets. Instagram celebrity Muffin (@muffincan), a 9-year-old shihtzu boasts a following of over 62,100, Plato (@helloplato_the_frenchie) goes on epic adventures in stories written by his mom, while bunnies Eskimo and Kiwi (@eskimoloaf) are just in love with their salads. Other participating pet Instagrammers includes KingKing from Fantastic Kingdom (@fantastic_kingdom), little punkster Coby (@cobythecorgi) and Smallie (@smalliepillar) who lives together with his best mates, Singapore Special Tugger and cat Peach. 

Muffincan - @muffincan, 62.1K followers

Muffin is a Shihtzu, 9 years old. Eating is his hobby. Muffin is an easy-going boy and enjoys people’s company. The owner opened an Instagram account in 2013 for him so that they can share his daily photos online with the rest of the world. Muffin is a very lovely dog, the king of the household and our little brother. To the family, it is a blessing to have him and he has brought so much joy to their lives. 

Plato – @helloplato_the_frenchie, 20.4K Followers

Plato is a funny French bulldog with a playful heart, a big smile, and oodles of love for his family, especially his two human siblings. He's also the star of a children's book written by his mum, who is a magazine journalist. The book is called Plato and the Missing Bed and it's a sweet story that teaches kids to care and share. In his spare time, Plato loves to sleep, hang out with his brother and sister and beg for food. His favourite food is peanut butter and anything that is edible. His favourite person is his mum. 

Eskimoloaf - @eskimoloaf, 32.2K Followers

Eskimo and Kiwi are two loving, loafing brothers residing in Singapore. Despite their similar interest loafing and munching on cilantro, Eskimo and Kiwi have contrasting personalities and appearances. Eskimo is an Orange Holland Lop Dutch mix and the bigger bunny of the duo, while Kiwi is a Chestnut Netherland Dwarf. Eskimo is quiet and more reserved, while Kiwi is lively and mischievous. Since 2014, their daily interactions and adventures have been captured and shared frequently with their friends and the community. Some of the more popular posts are the ones of Kiwi munching away on his salad, and the Loaf brothers' various shenanigans. 

Coby - @cobythecorgi, 17.4K Followers

Coby is 5 years old this year. The owner and her family were randomly visiting pet shops just for leisure, and chanced upon Coby, sitting by his window so calmly, and somehow they just knew they had to get him. He was their first dog and they were excited to get him. It was definitely challenging in the beginning, but it was all worth it. Coby likes to play, usually with bigger dogs. He loves long walks, loves to play ball (chasing after it mostly), and play hide and seek. He likes to eat fruits especially apples and strawberries. 

Kingking - @fantastic_kingdom, 10.3K Followers

KingKing was found at about 3 weeks out his two sisters at a carpark. He is the most mischievous but sweetest cat on the household. He knows a number of tricks as long as there is food! He loves skinship, shoes and feet! 

Smallie - @smalliepillar, 10k Followers

Smallie is a blue-eyed, purebred corgi. She loves short walks, being near people, and eating durian. She was a very active puppy, and enjoyed meeting people though they were sometimes confused by her looks. Once at a park, a young boy came up to us shyly and asked, "Is this a fox?". Smallie spent most of her first year alive alone, until Tugger came along as a foster puppy. A Singapore Special found in a shipyard, he was riddled with ticks and fearful of people. He also had horrible breath that even the vet couldn't figure out. Thankfully he grew out of it after his diet improved. When he joined our home, he also joined Smallie in a raw diet. True to his street roots, Tugger would at first try to hoard food, hiding chicken drumsticks in small corners and having private snack times on his own. Both dogs love the beach. Smallie can spend hours chasing after her neon orange ball in the sea, while Tugger loves digging holes in the sand and going for the occasional dip. They also love exploring, and have trekked through unexplored forested areas, and dashed through canals. 

Participating Welfare Organisations

  1. Action for Singapore Dogs 

  2. Animal Lovers League 

  3. Cat Welfare Society 

  4. Causes for Animals Singapore 

  5. Exclusively Mongrels 

  6. House Rabbit Society Singapore 

  7. Joyous bArk 

  8. LostPaws Singapore 

  9. Mercylight 

  10. Noah’s Ark CARES 

  11. Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) 

  12. Purely Adoptions 

  13. SOSD Singapore 

  14. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)