Tears from Heaven

I've been tearing a lot lately. 
Tears of joy. 

I've been working really hard to provide for the many 2-3 hours sleep in lending my support to a sweet colleague who just joined the org. I gave her the promise that as long as I am around, I will definitely do my best and be there for her (even digitally), as long as she is willing to put in the effort to make my phone buzz. 

After many sleepless nights, we've kind of became buddies in less than 2 weeks. She taught me so much, exposed me to a new experience I never once knew. So grateful to her for the insights and of course, the knowledge that she shared is so precious, money can never buy.

Which explains my sudden absence online... But I AM BACK with a bang! Back to doing what I've always loved to and will never stop doing.

My intern is one of a kind. He's by far the most reactive guy who supports me in every corner of my work. He gets things done with proper instructions. He says reminds me with check-ins whenever I fly out of point into the universe and then forget to look back at him, still standing on planet earth HAHAHAHAH. 

Now that I know I have to be extraordinarily mindful about my communications, with his guidance, I am confident of mastering the ability to separate bullet speed work AND spending quality time to share inspiring conversations.

So I've been tearing a fair bit lately, even now.

I absolutely love every single friendship I've established over the past 4 years. There is not a day that I do not look back in appreciation, and just how badly I miss so many friends! I've got to admit that there is no avenue (other than marriage) that I can create to summon them all together for a meeting in one place with me unless....

 it's baby's first year birthday???!!!! 

That, sounds like a perfect opportunity to reunite woohoo!!! 

Life is so short that I am missing everyone already.. 

Those beautiful memories bring me to tears.. Sigh