Migration in Progress

It is that once every 2 years bronky invasion again!!! I wish I travelled but I did not, unfortunately fortunately. 

My body has recently been attacked by a viral strain and I am suffering from bronchitis, terribly breathless phelgmy coughs. I took one week's worth of medical leave and, I have still not recovered! Agh! 

The prescribed heavy dosages of medication knocked me out senseless. Days and nights have been mixed up. I'm in a daze and everything seems so slo-mo to me. 

Even typing this simple entry can take more than an hour, or was it days?

I've started a new hobby~ 

I am into web developments now after an opportunity to participate in a collaboration. Really grateful for the spot-on and adding to my valuable knowledge bank, this latest acquisition.

Passion will definitely keep me busy! I took one whole day just to decide on the new domain name, and registering it. The medication has definitely made me unbelievably UNPRODUCTIVE and snail slow.

I wonder if I can stop coughing FIRST! 

Good news is, I used this opportunity to buy my first Dyson!!! An air purifier woohoo!!! 

Ok got to work on the new site, slowly.