Greater Happiness

A record of 6 recent happy events that lead to greater happiness:

Kindness in Giving

We gifted a stranger with our not-for-sale limited edition Coca Cola set that I won on a Twitter contest.

笑啊Why do that?


What can we do to make our world a better place to live in, a better place for our children and their future?


One Act of Random Kindness at a time, ARK. 

Right Thoughts

Today I saw my work on the big screens for the first time. I received compliments from four very important people about my work, and that adds fuel to my already everlasting passion. 

Tomorrow's the big day! It's our annual dinner and dance. I'm so excited because I've plans to catch up with my fun loving colleagues across the businesses, The reward for this accomplishment - felling fulfilled, satisfaction in my good effort, catching up with many colleagues, building new friendships, joy and laughter! 

Cultivating a determined good habit to be positive and grateful filled with love and grace for as far as possible. Such as - Enjoying the passion that I have for my work even when everyone says I'm nuts to not sleep at all. I love my job. I love everything that has happened in my life. I'm grateful. I choose to be on the good side of the Truth. 


An opportunity to review a beauty treatment which works! And I am always grateful for every human I meet, every animal, every thing and every moment...


Coming home late and physically exhausted again to mom's yummy home-cooked dinners and today's chef special is Vegetarian Mee 


Joy and Laughter

Earlier this week whilst I was gleefully indulging in my "absolute-passion-filled-climatic-obsession" (with my work), very early in the morning (at around 1am), when suddenly, for the

first time

in my life, I actually heard my husband

laughing hysterically

. And that DISTRACTED me. 

I thought that maybe, after so many days of

failed attempts

to seek a loving and heroic (manly) companionship goal:

(Pause to explain his goal)

the husband's unrealistic goal = 

I will stay awake as long as my wife is awake because I want to spend quality time with her

(End of pause lol)

whilst I work into the dead hours, I assumed he suffered a severe lack of sleep disorder and had accidentally pushed himself into 笑 (insanity).

He said he cannot stop laughing because this picture describes exactly how he feels whenever he texts me. 

A gush of 冷Cold wind attacked my face causing my brain to freeze for a long moment before I recollect my senses and attacked him


 by stuffing my hair into his mouth.... that can of course only happen in my head.

I needed my coats to be in the car as soon as when I arrived home today. So whilst helping me with the coats that he had kindly brought downstairs, I caught my husband 


 (he has been infected with the love bug for a while now) looking at me but without his knowledge that is. 

I smiled to myself and then hope I don't get caught and end up having to hide in his armpit.


Reminding myself everyday that I am a mommy with three absolutely beautiful Bubbles!!!