My Toenail got ripped off by Crocs


The underside of my toe nail is soaked entirely in blood... My whole nail was ripped off and it stood upright at a 45 degree angle, which I don't know how and why I pushed it back down in agony (as you can see it looks pretty normal in the picture but it really is not)

I suppose leaving it upright was horrific and thought maybe magically everything will be ok if I pushed it back?


Blood oozed out quickly. The nail is still held onto my toe because of the blood, it is still sticking out actually aghhh


What happened:


My favourite sponge bob stud which I plugged into my crocs (near where my big toe is) ripped off my toe nail.



This black underside is the culprit. When my foot landed, my nail got stuck with it and my toe nail came off like OUCH!!!!!!

HubBear has removed all the studs from my crocs... Now I hope young children who have studs on their crocs don't lose their toe nails too!

I haven't touched my toe nor cleaned the blood because I am quite traumatized and no matter how HubBear tried to convince me, I am not going to seek medical attention aghhh!!! I'm jus going to let it be in this bloody state until I get over it some day?? 


The team from Crocs was very kind. They offered me 2 vouchers to buy 2 new pairs of Crocs. Happy!