Lucky Draw Baby Luck

Since being hospitalized late in July with pre-term labour contractions, thereafter ordered complete bedrest to prevent early labour, I was a little depressed and extraordinarily bored. 

I didn't really watch TV or dramas. I was always on my laptop, my iPad and my mobile phone. Time passed really slowly, it was really unbearable. It so happen that there were several contests on Facebook and Twitter because of the National Day in August so I took part in some out of boredom. There is only 'so much' chatter online that I even know the peak and non peak publishing period of certain individuals and even brand pages lol! 

I decided to keep myself occupied by finding contests on Facebook and Twitter to take part in. I think I joined almost all the contests I could find... Well unfortunately, there were some brands and even govt pages who didn't honor the contest with no prize announcements because nobody except ME took part in it like duh~ they just pretended the contest never took place and hoped I forgot about it. I didn't. Just kept quiet and took note of some pages. Could have just awarded me even if only I took part ma... I don't forget k. 

Here are the goodies I have won: 

1) Lovis Diamonds
was invited to take part in one of their contests which was subsequently withdrawn. However they still sent me a wine set as a gift in appreciation for fanship and enthusiasm! It was so sweet of them!!! I love their custom made diamond rings hehehe, who knows I might just become their loyal customer one day, especially since I love shopping for Gold so much 😊

2) Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts
took part in guessing the names of the hotels they would post a pic of every Thursday. Contest is ongoing until 21 October 2014. 

This was the post where I guessed and won 100,000 points!!!! 

When the winner was announced, I couldn't jump in my condition but was exhilirated!!!! After weeks of mulling where to travel to, we've kind of decided we will be visiting Italy (because Ducati is there in Bologna) BUT my childhood friend who lives there will be in Singapore this coming January, before our wedding anniversary.

So we will shelve these plans since the points won't expire anyway, until further notice because we will be visiting USA in November 2015 hehehe! Got to save up for my factory outlet SPREE!!! One baby is not easy to travel around with long distance! 

Which means I have to rethink how to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.... (With a baby)

3) Ascott The Residence
They held a photo contest in an app where you can upload several images of your friends and family, which would then be re-generated into a mini trailer with music. I submitted 3 different sets and was so surprised when they emailed me and informed me that I've won!!!! They couriered a Recipe book and a Game Set which consisted of 5 stones, pick up sticks and the game Snap. It was a very nice prize hehehe!!! 

Smith ran a contest on his fan page to give away David Blaine's tickets. All I had to do was to comment on why I deserve the tickets - Every one needs a little magic!

And I won! So happy because David is a magnificent magician. HubBear and I loved to watch his magic shows on TV. The performance was extraordinary, left us in awe because it was Real yet is it? Mixed and amazed. We love magic!!! So grateful to watch him Live! 

4) Sealy Singapore
Twitter contest: @SealySingapore

took part in the Twitter contest to share Sealy Sleep Tips. Here's my winning entry:

Woo~~ so happy! We haven't collected the prize yet hehehe! I'm a huge fan of Sealy, I love our Sealy Bed. Right now, they are running a contest on their Facebook and giving away a Sealy bed!!!

hope I win the bed for my family hehe!

took part in the naming my Favourite flower contest which would put a smile on my face - Sunflower 🌻 and I won a pair of tickets to the Singapore Flower Festival. 


Despite the boredom and frustration both physically and mentally, this awfully anxious experience with total bedrest and limited mobility because of the pregnancy, I guess our baby boy didn't let his momma stay painfully at home in vain. Hmmm I haven't won big sweep's first prize yet lol!!!~~~