8 Unique Baby's Full Month Packages

My mom who is a baking fanatic has surrendered and insist that I order cakes for distribution instead as she would be pretty busy with baby (like I am not around lol - she's just finding an excuse to not bake as she would rather be carrying her grandchild all day long). 

So I browsed and found too many beautiful selections that I cannot make up my mind right now:

1) eCreative 

It's a Boy set ($10.59)

Prices start from $6.31 onwards with a minimum order of 10 boxes. There is a free delivery for orders above $200. 

I like the box and have tried their cakes before, delicious. I ordered their cakes for our wedding betrothal ceremony 过大礼 and I love their cupcakes. 

2) Jara Petit Cheesecups

Package C - $19
(5 Cheese cups with choice of 2 gift favors)

I love cheesecakes!!!!! The boxes shown on the site looks really cute and classy. There are even toppers that can be added on. I think this is a new startup. They sure look yummilicious and worth a try! 

3) Sweetest Moments

Classic Joy - $9.52

The above package which I thought was rather comprehensive caught my eye. Price is reasonable too. I'm not sure about the taste though. They offer free delivery for orders $200 and above. 

4) Lulus (cheapest and cute)

$5.90 Nett for a box of 6

There are 6 themes to choose from: Elephant, Owl, Classic, Elegant, Ladyvird and Whale. They offer free delivery for orders $150 and above. The cakes are also Halal.

5) Choz Confectionery

Sweet Baby Package $8.60
(one marble cake + 2 eggs + choice of a pair of item eg Ang Ku Kueh)

The traditional way. Choz offers the flexibility of a mix and match so you can customize your preferred items in a box. The price is also reasonable. I ordered from Choz for my first two bubbles and had sweet comments from relatives who received it. A minimum order of 10 boxes is required.

Fantastic Promotion:
- 5% discount for orders $300 and above
- 10% discount for orders $500 and above
- Free one box with every ten boxes purchased 
- Free delivery for orders above $200

6) Smoulder's Lava Cakes

Who doesn't love chocolates, and what more, creamy thick chocolate oozing out of bite sized cakes!!!!! 

I read about Veron's celebratory event for baby Ethan and wow, I am salivating.  

Veron's review here: (http://sparklette.net/kids/smoulder-baby-full-month-cakes/)

7) Famous Amos Cookies

Teddy Book Tin of Treasured Memories
$11.30 with 90grams of your choice of cookies 

You can order them and collect all the tin boxes, or get vouchers to distribute for self collection at convenient outlets around the island (and relatives and friends can get to choose their own flavors). Who doesn't love cookies!!!! 

8) Patridge Pear

I love the way you can select your own theme box, your favours and a personalized baby card. There are a range of items from the traditional red eggs to even soft plushy toys! Price per package is dependent on the selected items in the box. 


There are of course several unique and beautiful packages for baby's full month celebration out there that I have not covered. I'm already torn with the above 8 and I can't decide which to get yet. Hmmmm.....