Ceramic Workshop

One of the things I love about working in Far East Organization is that we have very interesting internal workshops from baking, Zumba to even learning how to surf! I recently participated in the Ceramic Making Workshop! 

Before I attended the classes, I googled for some ideas on what I want to make, I didn't want to end up with just display figurines, and I want to use them hehe!

What I thought can be a tomato/chilli/mayo sauce dipping dish:

And then I realize, this is NOT EASY!!!

The clay was very very soft and fragile and I had to be very careful to make sure the edges are smooth (easily distorted and disfigured) and at the same time, check for cracks as it dries up!! If the crack is not resolved, my entire project will fail when the fire it up (crack into several pieces).

The pictures on google look so easy, but making it was hard. Here are my outputs:

It was a very difficult attempt to copy the mould of what I had printed out. HAHAHAHA. My nails kept scraping the clay and I had to cut them even shorter for the next class. 

At the second class, I thought I would make an oil essence burner for the toilet. It looks simple but.....

It's so difficult Lah!! 

We learn the twirl method and this was the best of what I came up with.... 

I wasn't sure if the candle can fit under the stand I had created lol! The stand looks like the stonehenges I saw in UK bahhhh.... 

At the third class: 

I made a plate to be filled up with sweets and chocolates for Chinese New Year.....

The plate had a weird flat rim after I popped it out of the mould.... So I covered it with Leaves lol!

I think this is one of the nicer piece I made at the workshop. 

I didn't make it for the fourth and final workshop because I was hospitalized that very evening sigh... We were suppose to collect our crafts on that day. I heard some crafts cracked completely during the firing session and was worried mine was one of it. Thankfully, all my pieces came back intact. I haven't had a chance to see them yet!!!!

I can see my plate, my two sauce dippers and my oil essence bowl yay!!! 

The teacher helped me to paint my plate because I couldn't be there to do it myself sigh.

I can't wait to see my crafts next week!


My handmade ceramics:

And this final piece that didn't really quite make it: