Vacation 2014: Legoland Themepark

Just mimicking the fear factor

On the first day, the bubbles saw The Dragon (roller coaster) and declared they will NOT PARTICIPATE in that activity. Well, I'm a roller coaster fanatic but with little bubbles inside me, and there was no way anyone was going to allow me on board the ride LOL!!! 

I must admit, I felt extraordinarily exasperated and BORED during our 3 days stay at Legoland because there was nothing I could do but sit around, watching everyone enjoy themselves.

I guess the game host could also feel my 'heat' and helped us with lots of tips on winning the dragons AND WE WON!!! Thanks to me!!! There was nothing else I could do anyway.... Love the game stalls!

The Driving School is probably the bubbles Favourite, or so I thought. We made them each their very own driving license to keep as a souvenir.

We thought the Boating school was boring...... 

But then we realized it was damn fun because we had the opportunity to steer the boats (which was rather difficult) and we ended up having a bumper boat ride by trying to overtake each other.

Look out for the cute animated Lego Figurines everywhere 

This has to be one of our best movie experiences. I don't usually enjoy cartoon movies but the Lego movie and it's special effects did impress me, given the fact that the chairs, did not move at all by the way. 

At Legoland, food is not cheap. You have to find good value meals. We went for the Italian food because the pizza smells great when we walked past hehe

Most importantly, they have a very attractive value meal on the menu!

The pizza tastes really good. However I would skip the soups which were rather diluted and bland haha! 

The Dragon hides in this castle. On our second day just before the park close, the bubbles finally plucked up the courage to ride the dragon. Once they started, they could not stop!!! I was very, very lonely and ENVIOUS as I waited for more than an hour whilst they played repetitively. The 4 annual legoland passes have now become worthy!

It is a pity we spent a lot of time with the rides and didn't have any time to admire Mini Land which I thought was really beautiful and a must visit, in the late evening though (avoid the hot sun).

In awe! The tremendous amount of effort in creating this spectacular piece

We won lots of prizes taking part in those special mini gigs - magic show, dance activity etc hehehe 

Three days is a good time to spend at Legoland with the first day spent at the wet full of fun Water Park (must go). For both parks, you are advised to slap on as much sunblock as you possibly can. Let's just say sunblock is a MUST have necessity. You can't save on them at this theme park. If you forgot to bring them, you can always buy them at the mall just beside Legoland Hotel. 

It is recommended that you purchase a one day ticket to "reccee" the park with the children before purchasing the annual passes. It was clear to me that we will visit Legoland very often because we absolutely love the wet and dry parks.

Outside of Legoland (the mall beside the hotel), there are several cafés and restaurants that also provide delicious food at a much lower cost. I've captured all of them here: