Review of Maternity Tours
in Singapore

During my second trimester, HubBear and I were advised by our Gynae's nurses to register for the hospitals’ tours to check out their delivery suites and wards before making our final choice. And so we did. We shortlisted and went to 3 Hospital Maternity Tours: 
- Thomson Medical Centre
- Mount Elizabeth Hospital 
- Mount Alvernia Hospital 

Other than pictures of the Gift packs given to us at each Hospital, we did not take a picture of any part of the Hospitals we visited (because nobody at the tours did lol). We didn't have to because each of these hospitals have uploaded virtual tours of their Maternity Wards (links below).

Thomson Medical Centre
Thomson Medical Hospital tours are conducted on:
Mondays – Fridays at 11:00 am and 2:30 pm
Saturdays at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm
No tours will be conducted on Sundays and Public Holidays.

You may sign up at the Information Counter or call 6358 0055/ 6350 8876.
Each session is limited to maximum 8 couples. Pre-registration for the tour is required.

You can view the Virtual Tour of the rooms available at Thomson Medical : HERE

Inside the Gift Pack:
Apart from the big gift pack (biggest amongst the 3 hospitals), we didn't like the idea of staying in a holding bay or wait area with several others pending delivery due to the lack of delivery suites. It meant we would only be pushed out to the delivery suite at the very last hour or 30minutes when we are very 'due' to PUSH the baby out of my body. The holding area and the delivery suites were quite cramped in our opinion, and we felt a little uncomfortable and hesitant, taking into consideration the 'madness' then. 

Mount Elizabeth Hospital 
The Parkway Hospital tours are conducted on:

Mount Elizabeth Orchard - Mondays to Fridays at 4pm and Saturdays at 11am
Mount Elizabeth Orchard: Call 6250 0000
You can view the Virtual Tour of the rooms available at Mount Elizabeth Orchard : HERE

Mount Elizabeth Novena - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm
Mount Elizabeth Novena: Call 6898 6898
You can view the Virtual Tour of the rooms available at Mount Elizabeth Novena : HERE

Inside the Gift Pack:

During the tour, we were hosted in the Parentcraft room where we were invited to taste samplings of the menu offered during the hospital stay after delivery. I tried their double boiled Fried Fish with Papaya Soup which was a little oily but otherwise very appetising. There was also a thoughtful selection of sandwiches and juices for munching which made us feel rather welcoming.

HubBear was impressed with the service and loved the Single Rooms, especially the Daffodil/Magnolia Suites. Babies born at The Elizabethe Hospital would also be gifted with a baby pack where clothes, mittens and booties are provided. The pricing, was also the most premium of the 3 Hospitals we visited. Our review's got to stop at this point because it is unlikely we will be delivering our Bubble there due to several factors like:
- Peak Hour traffic might hinder getting to the hospital timely (delay is not an option for us)
- Lack of parking lots available
- Premium Pricing 

After a discussion with our Gynae, we skipped the Hospital Tour at Mount Elizabeth Novena that had just established their Maternity Services and Packages in April 2014.

Mount Alvernia Hospital 
Mount Alvernia Hospital tours are conducted on:
Mondays – Fridays at 2:30 pm and Saturdays at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm
Registration is via email at or call 6358 0055/ 6350 8876

You can view the Virtual Tour of the rooms available at Mount Alvernia Hospital : HERE

Inside the Gift Pack:

The gift I loved the most is from the Health Promotion Board that came with a Daddy's guide, healthy menu for pregnancy and a little scrapbooking section to leave our memories inside :

We love the big spacious delivery suites and wards - Super Deluxe and the Family Suite at Mount Alvernia Hospital. The rooms were very spacious, comfortably welcoming and had a small lounge area for guests who visit, which we thought will be a very sweet and comfortable corner for both our parents, relatives and close friends to welcome our beloved Bubble this October.

So we've made a booking *crossing our fingers* for the Super Deluxe Room at the Mount Alvernia Hospital. Taking into consideration this is a Horse Year and it seems like there are many pregnant mummies all around us, we MAY NOT get our desired room. That's a little stressful but we'll leave it to God and hope for the best. 
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