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Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1

A few weeks ago, I signed up myself for a Seeder's programme on the Sample Store. I really didn't think much about it and after browsing through their wide range of samples, I was undecided what exactly I get to sample lol~ I thought "agh" I'm clueless about Beauty products and I have to read magazines or blogs or facebooks etc just to see how others put on makeup, what they use, and think ok maybe I like that, before I get something similar for myself. 

Anyway after subscribing for the free samplings via the blog seeding programme, I left the site and never went back again (yea I entirely forgot about it) until I received an email saying that I've qualified for the seeding programme and I will be receiving notifications about products for me to sample and review. I am Happy because:

1) I don't have to browse through so many samples and then go ugh I dont know what to get
2) I get updates on recommended products via the emails for me to sample based on my needs
3) I only need to tick a Yes to participate or No to decline <-- I actually rejected the first recommendation and thought == ok they must definitely ban me for being picky BUT wow they did not
4) So well, I received my desired sample really quickly <-- I love the simplicity of the system and the efficiency of the people behind this sampling concept

The sample came in a really lovely plastic bag that doubled up as a ZipLock, waterproof and re-sealable, reusable and cute, I've kept the bag collectively as part of my travel essentials. Who could have thought of this seriously! Really great way to recycle and save the Earth. I like!

My Kao Biore Uru Uru 2-in-1 Foaming Wash

It is suppose to remove "Light Makeup" and at the same time, wash your face so 2 steps is all you need. Usually, I use Shu Umera's Oil based makeup remover to massage my face and then I rinse off and apply a facial cleansing cream to wash off my make up with water. That makes 4 steps.  

I'm a little skeptical - Can this product Really halve my cleaning process?

My Lightly Made Up Face

1) Liquid Foundation
2) Compact Powder
3) Non water proof Mascara
4) Blush
5) Lip Balm

I used only 2 pumps (did not adhere to the recommended 3 pumps)

I then massaged my entire face with the foam which I thought would have fizzed out by now but....

The foam did not fizz out at all. I managed to cover my entire face with the foam.
The sting of the foam is really strong and I'm guessing my Mascara had better disappear goodness~~~
Step 1: After a good massaging rub down, 
Step 2: I rinsed off.

I must confess (not because this is a sponsored review = just postage for the sample paid for), my face was really squeaky clean and the cleanser was not at all harsh to my skin. My non waterproof mascara came off as well. Face was soft, moisturized and bouncy and I felt really clean and good with just One Wash. I'm in love with this product lol~ simply because I'm lazy la. If I can solve everything with One step, why not? 


Where to buy: Watson's (exclusive)
Price: $14.90
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