A Blue Inspiration

Whenever I feel blue, I will look around for  signs of hope. We have to accept the fact that not every day, is going to be a good day. Sometimes it is a burst of sunshine, and sometimes it feels like the storm is so gloomy it is going to be so destructive. Times like the latter, I have to learn to appreciate the peace and beauty of the eye of the storm. 

I reflect.

My Shifu shared his feedback about me and says - it is very difficult to communicate with me because I come from a different world, a world where speed is the norm. That can make people hard to understand what I am saying.

He then says to me - you can't help them if they don't allow you to because they don't understand you at all, but if your objective is to help them, then change yourself, slow down and appreciate the beauty of their world. 

Shifu reminded me of our similar incidences in life. We finish our homework "too quickly" therefore in order for the rest to play with us sooner, we actually help them to finish their homework. And that he says - bring this skill everywhere. Help others as much as you can so that they can join you. 

There was this one same wish we prayed for, that is for every thing/environment/people/time/thinking/mind/feelings to change. Unfortunately for us, things didn't change.

Well, Shifu is an old, old man like the cute small furry Master in Kungfu Panda, so I didn't have to wait or go through the pain for my answer to the same prayer we had. Shifu gave me the short-cut to the answer which he received a few decades ago - change yourself. Not to change so drastically to become someone else but, .... (I forgot the last bits lol because I was too shocked and !&@#% like why don't they change and why me...)

Shifu frowned. He didn't allow me to interrupt. But we both know he couldn't stop my thoughts from arguing and then I switched off, just like he did in his younger days. =P 

After typing so much, I realize that my mood isn't better because the answer is, I still have to continue to Help Others and Wait. Even though we both are rather disappointed and many times, I do feel like giving up everything, but well knowing us, our ego and pride just wouldn't agree to that option at all. And that makes me want to cry. It is like sitting alone on an entirely different dimension, neither here nor there, trying to impossibly merge two other dimensions.

So I press my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter icons on my iPhone, inspired once more, and I find myself back at home. Here are some inspiring lonely quotes I found: 

Love, is truly the answer to everything. 

And as soon as I found the last piece to my frustrating puzzle, the song Hero played on radio, and well I thought of my Angel who is always there reminding me, and that made me cry (without HubBear noticing of course hehehe). 

That a hero lies in me.