My 师傅 SiFu series
- Drone Alert

Every Once a year, my 师傅 SiFu and I will schedule a 2 hour one-on-one meeting for my annual "Health Check". But we do share occasional brush offs on the latest technology whenever our time permits or at random. Our meetings are rather hard to fix because of our busy schedule and personal lives but we try our best. 

My 师傅 SiFu is my life coach, personal therapist/counselor/uncle agony/小叮噹/have all the answers/doctor /everything also can/Einstein on the go/role model/tv/google/9 wonders of the world/latest news/hot happenings/compass and more...

Hmmm we both love technology. So we kind of compete on the number of gadgets we own but, wealth means MORE so I lose "la".

Apple TVs<--??!?! See the Sssss

Lately, he shared with me his new buy = the drone!!!! Omg just when I am seriously in a "STILL CONTEMPLATING" mood but holding myself down! I wanted one to play with because of the awesome aerial videography which ExpressOh (our bridal video/photo team) had used to capture some breathe taking views ok cut long story short... my 师傅 SiFu, he beat me to it, again, much to my frustration because it means I must get my hands on it after he shared the so cool features !!! Influential, viral, disease, now I'm sick and shopping! BUT He hasn't gotten the XiaoMi yet!! So....

I need to work harder.

Well we have so many things in common we can rattle off in an awfully quick mode fighting to out-statement each other on the latest technology. We love to shop A LOT online.... And we try to introduce to each other the different modes of shipping, different platforms available. Well because he can, agh show off, he shares what he sees for eg, when he visited this place that is behind one platform which then makes me want to be there to see what he saw with my own eyes and things like that... 

Every single meeting, albeit once a year, with random knick knacks, is guaranteed to give me new twists, new insights and an even better understanding towards work, life and family. There is always a takeaway, ok maybe more, takeaways, like a goodie bag. 

My key takeaway for 2014 is, one Apple TV is not enough. I need one in the living, one in the dining, one each in the bedrooms, maybe a couple in the study room, and one portable one for travel. I can imagine the state of art technology in our new Habitat! Well I seriously hope that Blum evolves and advances technologically too lol!

I definitely need A Drone! But I will get the drone closer to when We get keys to our Habitat. Maybe then 师傅 SiFu would have a few drones which I can buy over for trials because of the Height issues hahaha and I am very sure, the Drones two years from today, will be kickass!~ Just imagine instagrams, pictures etc taken from crazy heights that are just MAGICAL hehehe! Omg NDP!!! Maybe I should borrow from 师傅 SiFu after he gets the camera? Hmmm