Values are like treasures. We have to collect them personally, very carefully, in order to enhance our life.
We can store as many values as we want in our life.

But be wary.

1) Never ever compromise the security of your 'storage'. Keep your treasures secure, they are yours. Do not lose them, or allow them to be stolen.

2) Do not allow yourself to be conned into taking a fake treasure home. The incompatible components of the fake can disintegrate and ruin your entire collection. Think Acid.

3) Do not allow anyone to 'impose' or 'influence' you to follow exactly what they collect. Those are not your values. Like fingerprints, they will never fit perfectly in your storage. Obedience is not an enhancement.

4) Nobody's values are more superior than another. Respect the values of others, and protect your own. 

5) Everyone has a right to collect their own treasure. A parent's responsibility is to guide a child to picking the right ones, and lead by example. A good parent knows that their big legs and arms can never be implanted on their child's.

6) Do not judge what others have in their store. Mind your own business. There are no right or wrong values. Only what is acceptable based on your own personal very small storage.

7) Do not attempt to throw your values like stones at the glass windows storage of others. Vandalism and broken glass are really, not welcomed.

8) You cannot fill up someone else's storage for them unless you want yours to be filled up by someone else (no you cannot choose who). Unless you enjoy strangers coming into your home at any time taking any thing doing every thing without your consent, we call that trespassing, robbery, invasion, keep within your boundaries and lock up.

9) Lastly, you are not God. You do not know what is best for others.