My Beautifully Embroidered 3D Eyebrows

I love my beautifully painlessly embroidered eyebrows!!!

Just a few days ago I saw my sister in law with her eyes lined (eyeliner effect) she looks gorgeous! Zero makeup, beautiful eyebrows, pretty eyes, perky lips and a very clean face. A natural beauty. I must get my eyes and lips embroidered too! 

Oh and my chest is now flawlessly beautiful all because of her. She (and my mom) convinced me to have the 'moles' all over my chest area removed and promised me it will be worth it, and it the healing will be in time for the wedding photoshoot. 

I didn't take a picture of the Before. Managed to only find this picture when I was trying the 四点金 at Poh Heng. My chest was covered with the moles and I really didn't like it. But I love the gold necklace haha!

What my mom and my sister in law didn't say, is that this removal process is very PAINFUL!!!! It was so dreadfully painful I didn't even take a picture of those ugly burnt marks on my chest zzzzzz it took 1 week for the pain to subside to an itch, then another 2 weeks for the wounds to dry up and drop off. And then, flawless skin. 

Worth It! I now enjoy wearing my singlets and tube tops, love my body. 

If you want to find out more, please contact my sister in law, Vivian (who runs her own beauty parlour at Forum Shopping Mall) via whatsapp at 9797 4120 (You may quote Diana or molemole for a good deal.)