3D Eyebrow Embroidery

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The benefits of having a sister-in-law (my brother's wife) who is a professional beautician, is that you get the best recommendations when it comes to beauty like facial, massage, nail art (See article on Nail Art here) and IPL etc. 

 I have an added bonus because my sister-in-law's elder sister is also a professional beautician who runs her own beauty parlour at Forum Shopping Mall that is just next to my office woohoo~

Beauty care is an expensive hobby, and with my sisters' grateful help, I re-established an exceptionally affordable (low budget) beauty regime that I follow very religiously today. I have always had very dispersed odd patchy eyebrows with no 'tail'.

I have also gone under the knife several times to have some colour, tattooed on, to cover the odd patches. Needless to say, they were horrifically painful and I bled both tears and blood profusely. It didn't help that we all have a pair = two eyebrows = two times shock + pain + ugly swell + look terrible.  The result = 1 month of ugly 'La Bi Xiao Xin' thick whiteboard marker drawn eyebrows. Only until the 'blood-wounds' dried up scabs fell off, did the brows look somewhat, decent. It was not exactly nice, but I could live with it.

Anyway, the latest beauty trend is having 'thick' natural eyebrows. The latest technique is called the 'Painless' 3D Eyebrow Embroidery. It is absolutely painless. I swear by it with my fat father's surname. Zero pain.

Done by one of the most sought after professional whose specialty is focused only on "knifing" colours on Eyebrows, eyeliners and lip colours, she is by appointment only. On top of that, she charges the most competitive low rates you can never find in Singapore for the quality she delivers. 

- $488/- only 
- Painless (zero pain)
- 1 hour
- No swelling, no bleeding
- Contact Vivian at 9797 4120
- By Appointment only (Long wait-list)