[Sponsored] Sonaki VitaC Showerhead

This post is a sponsored review.

Before I received this product, I have already been shopping around for a solution to me and my family’s problem with dry flaky skin, dry hair and especially dandruff. I was pretty eager to review this product as soon as I received it. 


Sonaki’s VitaC Showehead claims to prevent dandruff, smoothen hair, moisturize dry skin, reduce hair loss, highly suitable for sensitive skin and baby friendly families like mine. This showerhead is designed and Made in Korea. It is also a bestseller in Korea and an amazon.com bestseller in the US.


The shower comes with a tube that contains Vitamin C powder! This filter reduces the chlorine, which is the main residual cause of eczema, dandruff and dry skin. Vitamin C ‘eats’ or consumes the chlorine, and this has been promoted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a proven chlorine neutralizer. 


Fact: Chlorine filtering devices loaded with Vitamin C are already being installed in luxury hotels and condominium buildings in cities across the U.S.


The Sonaki VitaC cartridges are refillable. I was conservative about my usage and after a week’s usage, I thought my dandruff decreased significantly, my hair was more smooth, and my skin was more supple than before. 


The showerhead is very easy to fix on, I managed this in about 5 minutes. 


For more details about Sonaki products, please visit http://sonakisingapore.com/

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