Foot Peels - Smelly Feet No More!

In a new pair of shoes one day, my feet was soaked in rainwater (morning) and without airtime, the feet stunk at the end of the work day.

I didn’t really try to do anything at all to get rid of my foot odour because (for the first time) it was quite fun suffocating the family with my feet at their faces. Ok, I thought the smell would go away on its own, but it didn’t LAH! I probably was miss stinking feet everywhere I went hahaha!

So to be a responsible and sensitive person, I had to end my fun.

Cheng Cheng Cheng  

Cheng Cheng Cheng  


I didn’t wear 7 pairs of these milky socks. I wore just 1 pair, over 8 hours during bedtime. It was very uncomfortable because I had to wrap plastic bags around each foot so that the ‘milky substance’ doesn’t leak out and onto my bed. The medicinal smell, was not pleasant either. 

For the first week, nothing happened at all, the feet still smell as bad. I thought, FAIL. Then on the 10th day, I thought I was stepping on rice that Chooby must have spilt all over the floor at dinner time. I was a little angry and trying to find where that trail of rice is that I keep stepping on. I couldn’t find any rice bits on the floor, so when I finally looked at the bottom of my feet!!!!!!


I realize I don’t look at my feet frequently, but the peeling has begun. I wasn’t stepping on rice but my own dead skin. For two weeks, the peeling was a big mess.......


I left my feet alone to shed its skin. At the same time, I had begun wearing socks so that I didn’t have to feel the eeky skinning within my shoes, and I was just flaking everywhere so I thought to keep them all in my socks instead.


After two weeks, I’m still peeling off skin but the bottom of my feet is like brand new, and odourless!!! It’s so smooth I feel like I have a brand new pair of feet.

This is not a sponsored post, I just thought good things must share, it works. I still have 3 packs left, if you can’t find it on any store out there, I don’t mind doing an interbank transfer of $10 per pack (includes postage) to mail one pack out to you (Singapore).