#CHICHIPROTEST - Wearable Art, You Create

Truly believing 2017 is the year for us to stand up for what we believe in, CHI CHI VON TANG sets to transform their Scotts Square boutique, featuring a Protest! Interactive Exhibit. Be prepared to walk into a historical flashback of moments of ‘people power’ where mass consciousness shifted behind an uplifting idea or figure, to fight for what was right.

The store will be the first of the brands Experience Store concept, taking you through a journey that allows you to voice your passions along with other #CHICHIWarriors. Mark your protest, beliefs and milestones with a personal silk-print photograph lined inside your favourite CHI CHI VON TANG statement jacket.

Creative Director, Lisa Von Tang quotes

“I’m always following happenings in the world at large, or specific cultural developments; and it creates the environment for design inspiration. It felt like the right time to really evoke conviction in people, and ask them ‘What do you stand for?’ The idea of ‘personal power’ is core to CHI CHI VON TANG’s spirit, and it’s important to remember that we all have the power to create the society, culture, and world around us. Standing up for our values matters. The #CHICHIPROTEST we’re hosting at our store is about customizing pieces that remind you of your personal power, and where you draw the line.”

A special Art Installation will be showcased as the store display created by Asia’s Next Top Model, Sheena Liam. Liam has recently worked on numerous projects around the world with boyfriend and famed street artist, Ernest Zacharevic. Having found a passion in embroidery art, the International model will be showcasing her first solo art piece in the form of a 10 foot display.

Liam quotes,

“It's exciting. I've never really worked on this scale. My pieces have never been bigger than 5 inches and now it's 10 feet! That has come with its own challenges”

 #CHICHIProtest is set to launch on Tuesday 21st of February with Sheena Liam and will be open to the public from 10am on Wednesday 22nd of February. For CHI CHI VON TANG jacket personalization, photographs will be taken complimentary at the exhibition that can be used or own images can be submitted to the brand. There is no admission fee.

Stand up for what you believe in and visit the CHI CHI VON TANG store on the ground floor of Scotts Square Shopping Mall.