CHOCOVISION invites millennials worldwide to its first Twitter chat #AskChocovision on Thursday, June 2, 2016, from 2-3pm CET (7-8am CDT / 8-9pm SGT).

The international conference aims to use Twitter as a platform to drive conversations and engagement between the young generation and the cocoa and chocolate industry leaders. Under the hashtag #AskChocovision, the CHOCOVISION conference is establishing a platform where millennials can ask questions, debate and discuss various issues about the cocoa and chocolate industry with a panel of high-level industry leaders and experts, as a preview event to the biennial CHOCOVISION business conference which is taking place from June 7 to 9 in Davos, Switzerland.

“Why should millennials care about the future of chocolate?”

  • “Today’s young people are a powerful force. Young people will be the major drivers of change in the coming decades,”

according to a United Nations 2014 Report on The Power of 1.8 Billion.

  • Millennials represent an emerging group of influencers, innovators, future leaders, activists and entrepreneurs in a variety of domains and fields.

CHOCOVISION would like to bring this generation of young voices to the table, empowering them to speak out and get involved in the discussions of the issues the cocoa and chocolate industry currently faces.

The #AskChocovision Twitter chat will also be a chance to drive interest in the cocoa and chocolate industry and to extend the reach of the CHOCOVISION conference to a more global scale through social media.


#AskChocovision – join the conversation with a panel of high-level industry leaders, influencers and decision makers

In gauging the state of the young decision makers in their thoughts, concerns and recommendations for a brighter future in chocolate, #AskChocovision will feature leaders in the chocolate industry in its panel to engage, speak and discuss directly with millennials on these issues and concerns. The #AskChocovision panel includes the following representatives, who will also be attending the CHOCOVISION conference 2016 in Davos:

  1. Juergen Steinemann (Twitter handle: @JBSteinemann)
    Initiator of the CHOCOVISION conference
    Member of the Board of the Barry Callebaut Group

  2. Kate Robertson (Twitter handle: @KateAtOYW)
    Founder, One Young World

  3. Katrina Markoff (Twitter handle: @vosges)
    Vosges Haut-Chocolat

  4. Barry Parkin (Twitter handle: @MarsGlobal)
    Chairman World Cocoa Foundation
    Chief Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing Officer Mars Inc.

  5. Matthias Lange (Twitter handle: @ICIGeneva)
    Director of Policy and Programme, International Cocoa Initiative (ICI)


  • Simply submit your questions and comments on Twitter from 2-3pm CET (7-8am CDT / 8-9pm SGT) using the #AskChocovision hashtag.

  • For following the virtual discussion, just search for the #AskChocovision hashtag on Twitter.

  • You can also engage directly with our Twitter panelists by tweeting directly at them with the #AskChocovision hashtag.

  • Follow the @chocovision_org Twitter handle and the CHOCOVISION blog for more information and updates on #AskChocovision 2016.

Stimulating discussions @ CHOCOVISION 2016 – both off and online!

  • Highlights of this year’s conference will be tweeted through the event’s Twitter account (@chocovision_org) as well as shared on the conference LinkedIn page.

  • #CHOCOVISION will be the official hashtag for this year’s conference.

  • Video interviews with selected participants and daily summaries, as well as impressions of the three conference days may be viewed on the conference's YouTube channel.

  • Pictures of the conference will be shared on a dedicated Flickr-account.

  • People not participating live at CHOCOVISION 2016 in Davos will also find interesting content from the conference on a Google+ page to follow, share and discuss with others in the online community.

  • The conference blog at chocovision.ch/blog offers interesting insights and additional content also shared by participants and guest bloggers.

  • Online viewers can directly interact with the authors by commenting on blog entries and re-sharing content.

o find out more about the overall program and the impressive line-up of more than 30 speakers and panelists, please visit the conference website at: www.chocovision.ch


About CHOCOVISION (www.chocovision.ch)

CHOCOVISION was created in 2012 and is an international, biennial conference targeted at senior business leaders and key stakeholders in the cocoa, chocolate and retail industry. The goal is to bring key actors in the complex supply chain from the cocoa bean to the chocolate-containing product together to explore and initiate new approaches and solutions for securing a sustainable, successful chocolate future.

CHOCOVISION targets international senior business leaders from the cocoa, chocolate and retail industry, influential politicians and key representatives from national and international institutions as well as NGOs. Registration is open as of now via the conference website: www.chocovision.ch

CHOCOVISION 2016 is supported by a number of renowned partners, including Accenture (premium partner), Bühler, Credit Suisse, Ferrero, Firmenich ,The Hershey Company, IDH, Olam Cocoa , BASF, Le Conseil du Café-Cacao, Ghana Cocoa Board, IOI Loders Croklaan, Prova  and Ruchi and Barry Callebaut (organizer).