Bosch Joins Forces with WWF

 Bosch Joins Forces with WWF, Cooks Up Sustainable Seafood

Bosch Home Appliances and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) today announced a joint initiative to encourage sustainable seafood consumption amongst Singaporeans – one of the biggest consumers of seafood in the world. Under the partnership, Bosch Home Appliances will introduce a two- part campaign guiding consumers towards simple undertakings that would allow them to enjoy sustainably-sourced seafood, even at home.

The first is a cooking video series, part of the WWF #KnowYourSeafood campaign. In the videos, Bosch Culinary Ambassadors prepare popular dishes using sustainable seafood varieties. The second, a WWF Sustainable Seafood Cookbook, features easy-to-replicate recipes, complete with useful tips, that will help consumers make responsible choices when cooking a favourite seafood meal.

WWF’s Singapore Seafood Guide 2016 found that three out of four seafood types in Singapore are unsustainable. With the support of top global chefs and restaurateurs, the cookbook and video series provide responsible seafood alternatives across a range of cuisines, from local favourites like nasi lemak to international dishes including warm scallop ceviche, atlantic salmon and soy roasted Chilean sea bass.

Deepening Commitment to its Green Philosophy

Since its inception in 1886, the Bosch brand has stood for sustainable, quality living. Bosch home appliances are environmentally-friendly and manufactured sustainably – a commitment that starts before production and only ends when the packaging material has been recycled.

“With a 50-year track record in preserving biodiversity, WWF is the perfect sustainability partner,” said Ms Chua Leng Leng, Director of Marketing at BSH Home Appliances. “Working together, we hope to fulfil our shared mission in getting consumers to sustain our oceans by simply paying closer attention to the seafood they eat.”

“At current rates, some of our favourite seafood could disappear from our menus within this lifetime. As WWF works with the local seafood industry to introduce more sustainable seafood options, we welcome the support of Bosch in joining us to help transform the way Singapore consumes our seafood,” added Mr Kim Stengert, Communications Director at WWF-Singapore.

The videos are now available for viewing on the Bosch Home Appliances website at and YouTube channel at

The WWF Sustainable Seafood Cookbook will be launched in the first half of 2017.



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