The making of an extraordinary,
every day.


My name is Diana also known as molemole (my nickname). I've always dreamt of designing beautiful websites on my own, switching away from flash to learning css and html from scratch was not easy. Every step of my journey to today, all self-taught. I have finally managed to overcome my issues with the too-many-coding-languages, still trying to get a hang of it. I love this webspace and I am quite sure this space will always be in an 'always in construction phase'. 

I write random articles from food, travel, work, animals + pets, leadership, random thoughts + quotes, parenting, marriage, family, buddhism, technology + latest gadgets, events + launches + roadshows and many more. I accept sponsored reviews, advertorials, staycations, seeded products, events, travel etc. You are most welcome to drop me a note and we can discuss further into a collaboration.

My objective is personal and I only pick and share what I love and believe in. This space is my documentary of living memories so that when I am 80 years old, I can look into this space several times and remember what I have achieved, what I have seen, what I have done, what have changed, and I can smile to myself saying

'I've given my best to every aspect of my Life... 
Well Done and Well Lived, Diana.'